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Dear Diary, November 2023

Dear diary, this month was much like last month, only different. The dishonest clashed with the stupid over the irrelevant. The media, in supercilious tones, broadcast false equivalencies under the guise of professional neutrality and somewhere, somehow, someone’s homework was eaten by somebody’s dog.

A US senator called for a fist fight, Israel behaved badly and there were 20 mass shootings in the US so far this month. (I am writing on the 20th day of this month).

In entertainment news my neighbours dog who rides a skateboard to entertain himself moved.

In Canadian news conservatives did what conservatives do and are rallying around and promoting a disingenuous liar. The largest outcry over news however was in Toronto where the city will no longer vacuum up the autumn leaves piled by residents.

Women are out buying Christmas gifts and men are out doing other things.

Canada geese, wood ducks, gold finches and sensible Canadians are busily preparing to go south for the winter.

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