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Have you ever tried to cut grass with scissors? What it’s like to have ADD

Have you ever shaved with a dull razor? A really dull razor?

Ever tried to force a screw in with a hammer?

What about trying to cut your lawn with scissors?

That’s a brief taste of what life with attention deficit disorder (ADD) is like.

The right tools make every job easier. Trying to dig a ditch with a fork is an inefficient use of limited energy and time.

And then there are the times when you have something to do and you think you have the system in place to accomplish it effectively, quickly, properly. Except you can’t find the tool or system among the 9,000 other things in your life.

And nobody helps. Well most people don’t. They say stupid crap like just break it down into categories and sub-categories and then just assign the correct items to them. And then all you have to do is….. Idiots. It’s like telling a salesman all he has to do to make more money is to ‘sell more’. If one could compartmentalize multi-lateral concepts like that don’t you think they would have?

Or the most insulting, “How can someone as smart/brilliant/intelligent as you not be able to do this?”

Idiot proof system? I am the better idiot!

(ADD manifests differently and in many different ways in different people. This article touches on just one of the ways it manifests in me. It is complicated by the fact that medication works extremely effectively but not on all symptoms and areas and a lifetime of survival mechanisms and habits have to be unlearnt. Also here is the moment I identified as “neuro-divergent”.)