A Brief Glimpse Into A Strange Mind

Welcome to word vomit. In this little tucked away corner of the internet Naoshad Pochkhanawala writes about anything he damn well feels like. Topics of interest that will probably be revisited include – risk management, hypnosis, mental health, ADD, perception biases, investing, ideas around identity, sales, marketing, the nature of identity and other items and topics that catch my attention. Naoshad, also, apparently, switches between the first & third person fluidly & without logic, let us consider it a matter of literary license.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to any thoughts herein being original. While I would love to lay claim to being a brilliant individualistic out of the box thinker the truth is I am more a curator of interesting ideas and opinions (there will be posts exploring this idea of knowledge curation & trust in the future). Further, I take absolutely no, none, zero, nada, zilcho, zip, responsibility for the validity, accuracy or affect of anything published here. While a valiant effort has and will be made to insure accuracy you probably shouldn’t trust something a stranger has written on the internet anyway.

  • A Brief, Almost Random, Far From Comprehensive, History of (Life) Insurance
    5,000 years ago in China merchants used to carry portions of each others cargo in their ships to reduce the financial consequences of piracy. The Code of Hammurabi is the first set of written, formalized […]
  • 20 Reasons People Decide to Buy Something
    To make more money To save money To be healthy To save time To attract a significant other For fear of missing an opportunity To reduce effort To be comfortable To avoid pain To be […]
  • Neurons Electing Neurons
    Neurons fight amongst each other for attention from other neurons. At any given moment a few of these neurons are winning and they impact an animal’s behaviour. This is referred to as selective signal enhancement. […]
  • The Three Core Principles of Investment, Financial, & Benefit Planning
    Begin by protecting what you most need and value: Define your “ruin.” Identify risk of ruin factors. Utilize reasonable risk containment measures. Through appropriate risk transfer planning, reduce risk of ruin to as near 0 […]
  • Pattern Interrupt – Quick Definition
    Every decision we make is the culmination of a knockout tournament of implausible magnitude with millions if not billions of neurons competing; first one-on-one, then small group vs small group, then slightly larger group vs […]
  • Every Takeoff is Optional, Every Landing is Mandatory – Part 2
    All financial planning is a reflection of the most common real world planning problems. It’s about the allocation of limited resources in the face of an uncertain future. Another term for this is risk management. […]
  • Every Takeoff is Optional, Every Landing is Mandatory – Part 1
    There is a saying among pilots and aviation enthusiasts:  “Every takeoff is optional, every landing is mandatory.” Financial planning is no different. Every opportunity must be scrutinized but the end result – maintaining a lifestyle […]
  • What Would You Sell to the Captain of the Titanic?
    Imagine a salesman went to the Captain of the Titanic a couple of weeks before it sailed and said, “Captain, you need lifeboats. These are the best lifeboats for your ship. They’re solid, they’re proven, […]