A Brief Glimpse Into A Strange Mind (Naosh’s Writing)

Welcome to word vomit. In this little tucked away corner of the internet Naoshad Pochkhanawala writes about anything he damn well feels like. Topics of interest that will probably be revisited include – risk management, hypnosis, mental health, ADD, perception biases, investing, ideas around identity, sales, marketing, the nature of identity and other items and topics that catch my attention. Naoshad, also, apparently, switches between the first & third person fluidly & without logic, let us consider it a matter of literary license.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to any thoughts herein being original. While I would love to lay claim to being a brilliant individualistic out of the box thinker the truth is I am more a curator of interesting ideas and opinions (there will be posts exploring this idea of knowledge curation & trust in the future). Further, I take absolutely no, none, zero, nada, zilcho, zip, responsibility for the validity, accuracy or affect of anything published here. While a valiant effort has and will be made to insure accuracy you probably shouldn’t trust something a stranger has written on the internet anyway.