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The first moment I identified as neuro-divergent

I always knew my brain worked differently.

I was in my mid 20’s when I was first formally diagnosed with depression. Then in my early 30’s anxiety. Then there was a bevy of maybe diagnoses that were tossed around and retracted. At the age of 37 I was diagnosed with ADD. It was ‘confirmed’ at the age of 39. (I’d like to say, “You can read about that here,” but due to persistent procrastination, one day, you’ll be able to read about that at a link provided here).

See how I used the brackets above? Well, that’s because I have a complicated relationship with truth and honesty and feel fundamentally compelled to disclose the context of situations. It confuses people. But it is obvious to me.

Anyway, so despite knowing my brain worked differently I never identified with the term, ‘neuro-divergent’, what does it evening mean? Who are they? What good does creating this grouping that people self subscribe to do? Is it a way to empower those who require and dare I say, deserve, it? Or is it an excuse for people to hide behind? Never really considered it or how it affected me.

And then ones simple tweet shared on Facebook changed how I self identify instantly.

We think differently.

My need to provide context and detail is not a strong sales tool. It does give my clients certain advantages knowing that I struggle to be concise, to the point and relevant yet provide full disclosure and transparency of the relevant details and context of any recommendations.

Anyway, that’s why I use a lot of brackets. (And because too many semi-colons just look pretentious).